About Us

What We Do

Our fundamental function is toll collection, operation and maintenance of road infrastructure assets. We focus on pure short-term and long-term Toll Collection and OMT projects. We have extended our experience to BOT and OMT projects and construction of bridges.


Along with our subsidiaries, we have 95 completed projects under our management across India – many of them first of a kind – in 12 states, including an aggregate of 182 toll plazas and 1086 lanes. We undertake toll collection at the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link project, Mumbai since its opening in 2009. We also collect toll at five of Mumbai’s entry points.

We are a cornerstone of innovation in the toll collection industry, with resources and reach to provide our customers the confidence in delivery. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the users of the assets that we manage have the most comfortable and pleasurable experience. This in-turn improves the usage intensity of these assets, and consequently the financial returns for our customers who are the owners of these assets.