Key to success for any organization is identifying, developing and empowering the right people.
We leverage our expertise and know-how in delivering the best-in-class service with respect to infrastructure assets. We have a strong workforce of 3,171 employees possessing civil and technical competencies covering the value chain.
We aim to deliver on our promise and vision by implementing an organisationally innovative and a technologically sound business model – one that is mostly self-funding, is asset light and highly practical to implement and administer.
  • By establishing key partnerships, alliances and linkages with governments, corporates and financiers
  • Through a robust administration, a multi-tiered organisation structure, of what is India’s largest OMT and toll collection business
  • By adopting prudent business practices and risk mitigation processes that protects cash flows, limits our risks and maximises shareowner interests
Key Management Personnel
Mr. Murzash Manekshana
Dy Managing Director
Mr. Subodh Garud
CEO - Toll Operations
Mr. Uttam Pawar
Chief Tolling Officer
Mr. Sameer Apte
COO Corporate
Mr. M. Sankaranarayanan
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Pandurang Dandawate
CEO – Roads & Infrastructure
Mr. Amit Mokashi
Dy. CEO – Roads & Infrastructure
Mr. Raja Mukherjee
Dy. Chief Technical Officer
Mr. Harshad Pusalkar
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr. Dinesh Padalkar
AVP Toll Audit