Our Expertise

Toll Management

We are one of the first few companies to start as a pure toll collection activity at the 05 entry points to the city of Mumbai. Today we have been successful in operations over the last 13 years with a proven track of operations in over 12 states across the country.
Trusted Custodians Of Revenue Collection For Our Customers :
We are one of the leading toll management companies in India. We specialise in toll management and assist our clients in addressing the complexities of implementation and operation of toll systems. We also possess the required expertise in the installation of electronic toll and cash collection systems, communication networks, and intelligent transportation systems. Our business of road infrastructure and toll management covers all the entry points in Mumbai, the BOT project at Baramati with RIDCOR in Rajasthan, HRBC in West Bengal and with NHAI across India.
The launch of the RFID-technology-based Electronic Toll Collection System (ETC System) at the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link (RGSL) toll plaza from August 2012 is an example of how we are introducing automation into toll management. Customers who buy RFID tags will have dedicated lanes for faster pass-through at the RGSL Toll plaza, saving them both time, money and fuel. In keeping with the times, this fully automated toll collection system and semi-automatic lanes reduce the need for manual operation of toll barriers and toll collection. Through this system, traffic and payment data is automatically collected and stored in the system as vehicles pass through.
Over the previous year, we have further extended our technology across the Airoli, Vashi and Mulund toll plazas.
Additionally, we are now using sophisticated video and image capturing equipment to provide us with an accurate and cost-effective violation enforcement system with zoom capability. Other security components include real-time surveillance, automatic vehicle identification based on sensors and laser-based toll audit systems. All the different technologies deployed by MEP are carefully selected and logically integrated with each other. Our software enables us to carry out flexible database searches, easy data storage, and configurable archive management. On a practical level, we leverage technology to offer multiple payment options and configuration of lanes for optimal traffic management.
We have commenced E-Recharge facility for Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link (RGSL) toll plaza and soon will be extended for Mumbai Entry Points shortly.