Our Expertise

OMT Services

We are one of the leading players in the OMT space. We have progressed into winning one of the largest OMT contracts at the Mumbai Entry Points – including toll collection and maintenance of 27 flyovers and certain allied structures in Mumbai.
Our integrated and in-House OMT Services :
We aim to leverage the rising opportunity in India’s OMT market, with an increasing share of projects being allocated under this model. We currently have 5 OMT projects, covering 2,530.04 Lane Kms, with an aggregate of 15 toll plazas. Our wide range of OMT activities includes road maintenance and property management, renewal and engineering improvement, and incident management amongst others. We have an established track record of efficiently and effectively managing a slew of toll collection projects. This has enabled us to gauge significant market opportunity in India’s OMT sector. Our in-house traffic study and revenue forecasting capacity and expertise strengthens our ability to evaluate new projects and tender effectively for toll collection and OMT contracts.
Revolutionising the Traveling Experience :
Travel should be a pleasurable experience, not an impediment. We are highly sensitive to the needs of our consumers – the users of the road assets that we operate and manage. Our goal is to deliver the maximum value of comfort and joy to users traveling through the roads, highways and bridges that we manage.
With more than 178 Toll Plazas operated across India (March 2016), we’re one of the leading toll operators in India. Our services of infrastructure management and toll collection cover all Mumbai entry points, several other long and short-term contracts with NHAI around the country, and a BOT project at Baramati with RIDCOR in Rajasthan
We consistently leverage our technological know-how to bag several OMT projects. This includes all the entry points of Mumbai with a maintenance contract of 27 flyovers within the city. We intend to develop a specialised experience in maintenance activities through our subsidiary – MEP Highway Solutions Private Limited.