Ahmedabad, Auda Ring Road, Nadiad, Anand & Vadodara Toll Plazas
Location : Gujarat AVECL
Project Details
Collection of User feeon the basis ofcompetitive bidding fromAhmedabad Toll Plaza at Km2.6,AUDA Ring Road TollPlaza at km.3.8,Nadiad TollPlaza at km. 43.855,AnandToll Plaza atkm.58.616 andVadodara Toll Plaza at km.86.00 on Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway in thestate of Gujarat from Km.0.00 to Km 93.3 of NationalExpressway No. NE 1
Type of Service
Toll Collection
Contract Period
i) 29.12.10 to 28.12.11 & thereon extension up to 20.01.12
ii) 21.01.12 to 19.04.12 & thereon extension up to 30.11.12
iii)01.12.12 to 28.02.13 Foreclosed on31.12.12 pursuant to instructions of NHAI.