Location : Rajasthan RIDCOR
Project Details
Collection of User Fee Through Licensee on the basis of competitive Bidding for Lalsot-Kota Road under Mega highways Project in Rajasthan (Package ID:LJ-1) for fee plaza at the following locations:
Section-1: Near Bhadoti at Km.39 or Check Barrier at Km.14 for the stretch from Km.0 to Km.60 of Lalsot-Kota Section for 60 Km.
Section-2: Near Indragarh at Km.103 for stretch from Km.60 to Km.130 of Lalsot-Kota Section for 62.4 Km. (excluding 7.6Km NH Section)
Section-3: Near Gudla at Km.176 for the stretch from Km.130 to Km.190 of Lalsot-Kota Section for 60 Km.
Type of Service:
Toll Collection
Contract Period:
i) 06.04.13 to 31.03.14 & thereon extension up to 04.07.14
ii) 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2017 & there on extended up to 30.04.2017